1. What is the MOQ requirement?

Usually, we did not have any MOQ for any article. But prices will vary according to the order quantity.

2. What is the minimum lead time to get my order?

Minimum order lead time depends on the order quantity. Usually, we take around 8-12 days. It may be exceeded due to some unforeseen circumstances.

3. How I can trust you?

We know that many customers waste their money because of fraud or getting cheap quality products. Athlo is committed to providing customers with quality products. We have offices in multiple countries through which customers can easily access us.

4. Can I order a Sample?

Yes, we understand that you may want to check the quality of stitching or sublimation & feel the quality of the fabric. It generally takes us one week to manufacture an article and three to four days to get it delivered to you.

5. Do I Need To Make Designs First To Place Order?

Not Essential because our Art team is always on standby to make any custom team or club orders.

6. What Payment gateways are available?

We have used multiple payment gateways depending on the customer's ease. We use PayPal, Bank transfer, Western Union & MoneyGram, etc.